Kinaltek stands for Kinetic Alloy and Powder Technologies and  we  specialise in technologies for synthesis and processing of inorganic materials. We carry out our own in-house R&D work and we strive to turn our results into innovations leading to novel or improved processes and products.  
Our proprietary disruptive technology for production of metal alloys and metallic pigments is an integrated one-step process for producing metallic alloy powders, catalysts and metallic pigments, starting from low-cost chemicals of chlorides and oxides and directly leading to high quality powders.  The technology is designed as a sustainable low-cost high-quality alternative for existing complex multi-step production routes.
Kinaltek’s technology can produce an extensive range of products and Kinaltek is pursuing three routes to get to market; partnering, licensing and manufacturing.
Our products/processes range from materials at the proof of concept level to others that are being scaled up to commercial large-scale production.