Kinaltek’s pigment work centers on production of metallic pigment systems including effect pigments and functional pigments.
Kinaltek is commercialising a novel proprietary process (Uncoated Nanopowder Immersion Reaction Assisted Coating – UNIRAC) for coating powdery substrates (flakes or powders) to produce metallic pigments based on transition and post transition elements including Ti, Zn, Sn, Al, Ag, Co, V, Ni, Cr,  Fe, Cu, Pt, Pd, Ta, Nb, Rh, Ru, Mo, Os, Re and W. Additives such as oxygen can be introduced to any desired level.
Our technology is based on controlled aluminothermic reduction of precursors of metal oxides and chlorides to deposit metallic compounds on the substrate surface. The substrate can be inorganic powders or flakes. Examples include glass powder and flakes, mica and synthetic mica, Al flakes, graphite powder, iron powder…. Any composition may be used provided it is compatible with the process chemistry and processing.
Our pigment technology has the ability to produce an extensive range of high quality pigments/materials -both esthetic and functional- at a fraction of the cost of existing processes.
The Kinaltek pigment work is being marketed under the banner of D-Block Coating Pty Ltd.