The KINALTEK process for production of metallic alloy powders and other complex metallic systems consists of procedures and methods for overcoming difficulties associated with the highly exothermic aluminothermic reduction reactions involving transition metal compounds.
The KINALTEK process has the key attributes of:
  • low energy requirement,
  • zero waste,
  • ability to produce novel and complex materials systems,
  • low production cost, and
  • the process is a versatile tool for R&D with the ability to synthesise any combination based on 27 different metals.
Our aim is to reduce manufacturing cost, in addition to enabling low-cost additive manufacturing using net shaping and 3D printing though production of “designer” high-quality powders.

KINALTEK P/L aims to transform the metal powder industry through low-cost production of pure metal powders and complex alloy systems.

Existing technologies are hampered by :

  • Difficult processing routes – in particular for complex systems.
  • Limitations of the melt/atomisation route.
  • Constraints due to equilibrium.
  • High production cost.

Our technology removes multiple steps out of the production cycle and produces powders directly from low-cost precursor chemicals.