KINALTEK is capable of producing alloy powders based on a large number of elements directly from low cost chemicals.


SILICON – Directly Produced from Silica:

  • Silicon Nanowires,
  • Silicon Nanopowders, and
  • Silicon-Carbon Composites.


ALLOYS: e.g.

  • Alloy powders based on any number/combination of the base metals.
  • Superalloy powders including almost any composition based on Fe, Ni and Co; e.g. INCONEL, MONEL….
  • Stainless steel powder; e.g. SS316, Nanoflex….
  • Alloys based on transition metals, including Fe, Co, Ni, Cr, Cu, Zn, Al, V, Nb, Mo, W, Pt, and Sn.
  • High Entropy Alloys (HEA); e.g. powders of CoCrFeNiAl….
  • Composites.

An SEM micrograph of a high entropy alloy FeNiCoCrAl0.3 powder produced directly from metal chlorides.


  • Ta powder and Ta alloys; pure Ta, Ta-Al, Ta-W….
  • Mo, Nb and W based alloy powders.
  • Oxides, carbides and borides.


  • Transition metal catalysts: e.g. Mo and Ni based systems – with ability to include an extensive range of promoters through physical integration in the catalyst metal matrix.
  • Raney catalysts: e.g. Raney Ni, Raney Co, skeletal alloys.