KINSIL: Direct production of metallic silicon nanoparticles from silica for use in lithium-ion-batteries. Products are nanopowders, nanowires and silicon-carbon composites.


For the first time ever, Kinaltek has been able to alter the thermite process and carry out aluminothermic reduction of metal oxides effectively and safely at temperatures ~100-600⁰C.

The thermite process has been used since its inception in 1893 for reduction of metal oxides with aluminium, typically at temperatures in the range 1000-2000⁰C.

The thermite process is used for reducing metal oxides with Al at temperatures typically in the range 1000-2000⁰C. Since its inception in 1893, the process has been mostly limited to applications involving formation of molten metals (e.g. welding rails and high-temperature metal production…).
For our approach, metal oxides are directly reduced with Al to form metal powders without going through a molten phase. Better still, for many oxides, the by-product is not Al2O3 and can easily be removed, and the end-product can inherit morphological features from the starting oxide precursors.

Our novel thermite variant holds great promise for enabling production of metal and metal alloy powders directly from the oxides.

Kinaltek is proud to announce that our technology portfolio has been extended to include production of Si Nanopowders.
For further information, please contact us at info@kinaltek.com.
Kinaltek is pleased to announce our novel environmentally friendly glitters  KinMica™  and KinGlass™.

KinMica™: mica flakes coated with metals based on Ti, Cr, Ni, Fe, Cu, Sn, Ag…..or the oxides.

KinGlass™: glass flakes coated with metals based on Si, Ti, Ni, Fe, Cr, Cu, Ta, Mo, Sn, Ag….. or the oxides.

Also, we can also manufacture custom compositions based on alloys or multi-layered systems with particle sizes from microns up to mm.

For more information please contact us at info@kinaltek.com.  


The Kinaltek Group took part of “The Pigment and Color Science Forum and TiO2 Summit 2018” in Boston

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