Kinaltek is pleased to announce our novel environmentally friendly glitter series KinMica™  and  KinGlass™.
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Kinaltek: Technologies for Production of Effect Pigments and Metal Powders.

Kinaltek Pty Ltd is an innovation company specialising in advanced technologies for production of inorganic powders. We are commercialising a novel proprietary low-cost technology for direct production of metallic alloys and compounds, including alloy powders, metallic catalysts and metallic pigments. Our technology is based on an integrated one-step process starting from low-cost chemicals and directly leading to high quality powders. We aim to produce major reduction in production cost and replace existing complex multi-step powder and pigment production routes.


Direct production of metal powders; from pure Ta  to superalloy powders, all using the same procedures and production system and all in one-step using a concept based on safe, sustainable and energy efficient processing.
Skeletal metals and oxides produced in a low-cost and simple methodology.
Effect pigments, glitters and functional metallic pigments based on 27 different elements; Ti, Cu, Zn, Ag, Fe, Cr, Co, Mn, Co, Ni, V, Nb, Mo, Ta, W….. with the ability to include additives such Si, C, B, N2 and O2 and to modulate additive content (e.g. O2) at will.
Deep blue
We are making metallic titanium pigments and metallic titanium paint an affordable reality with a wide range of colours, such as metallic Ti,  golden flame and dazzling black diamond.
200 nm silica powder coated with Zn

Kinaltek has the unique capability to carry out aluminothermic reduction of metal oxides at low temperatures below the melting point of Al, creating potentials for a wide range of new products and applications.  

Direct manufacturing of effect pigments and functional pigments starting from cheap metal oxides is only one outcome of this capability.